et cetera (articles, documents, etc.)

Et cetera (articles, documents, etc.)


In the 2013 spring edition of the Parson Woodforde Society Journal you may find an article of mine.

The title is "Woodforde's favourite conjurer".

Do you remember who James Woodforde was?

But, mostly, who was Woodforde's favourite conjurer?

And did you know that Woodforde actually saw (and recounted in his diary) more than one conjurer?

Don't worry.  The "Parson Woodforde Society" has kindly granted permission to post the article on this website.

To read the article in a pdf format, just click here.  Any reproduction of this article must have the prior permission by its author and publisher.

Some of the readers of "They lived by tricks" have asked me to read Herman Boaz's poem "The angler's progress", which was written by the famous conjurer and angler on the 4th July 1789 and  originally published in a detached form, most probably a broadside, and subsequently re-published in 1802 by Burn, London, as a small and appealing book.  I have scanned the copy of the book which is in my collection and made it available here.  I am afraid you won't find magic or tricks in it, but it is a short and enjoyable reading which discloses the conjurer's true passion for angling.


In my book, Tomaso Palatino's professional life is only briefly described.  Further researches led me to learn additional documents and facts, which were synthetised in an article published in three parts in he Italian magazine "Magia Moderna" between 2013 and 2014.  The magazine's staff kindly granted permission to post the article here.  It is written in Italian.
Further details and documents about Palatino were discussed during a conference of mine held in Hamburg in August 2013 in occasion of the 5th EMHC (European Magic History Conference).  Please feel free to contact me if interested in this conjurer.
Any reproduction of this article must have the prior authorisation of the author and the publisher of "Magia Moderna".


I am now researching the professional life of Philip Jonas.  During The Magic History Gathering at the Magic Circle held on the 10th of May 2014, I gave a brief speech on Jonas, which was filmed and recorded by the Circle's staff for eventual researchers.  
Jonas was a truly interesting artist.  Although it is commonly believed that Jonas had only performed in England and France, he extensively travelled Europe.


Articles about Giuseppe (Joseph) Merci Pinetti and other 18th century conjurers will appear on "Magia Moderna", "Ye Olde Magic Mag" and "Magicol".


In September 2015, during the 6th EMHC (European Magic History Conference) held in Paris I gave a short speech on Nicolas Philippe Ledru (aka Sieur Comus).  Comus is another 18th century conjurer I am researching at present. You can read a summary of the talk here.