about the author

Pietro Micheli

Former amateur magician.  Now a magic collector and researcher in his spare time.

He won the 2012 "Roxy Award" edition, organised within the convention "Master of Magic", St. Vincent, Italy.  The work was on Tomaso Palatino and Highman Palatine.

During the 5th European Magic History Conference in Hamburg (September 2013) he discussed some "New revelations on Tomaso Palatino", expanding his previous researches and adding some new information to an article of his ("Tomaso Palatino") appeared in three parts on the Italian magazine "Magia Moderna".

In May 2014, in occasion of the Magic History Gathering @ the Magic Circle, in London, he had the opportunity to present a conference on the 18th century magician Philip Jonas, briefly depicting his professional and private life around Britain and continental Europe.

In September 2015, in occasion of the 6th European Magic History Conference in Paris, he held a short speech on Nicolas Philippe Ledru, aka Comus (or Sieur Comus). A summary can be found here.

Please don't hesitate to contact the author for suggestions and comments on the book "They lived by tricks" or 18th century conjurers.